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When is The Best Time to Have Your Roof Redone?

The best way to preserve your roof is to be up to speed with regular inspections and repair schedules. Maintenance at regular periods is very important if you want to sustain the quality and structural integrity of your entire house. Since the roof is an integral part that works to protect and shelter the interior of the house and all belongings, it’s important to make sure that the whole structure is safe, sturdy, and undamaged. A leaky roof is one sure sign that the roof requires serious repairs and possibly even a full roof replacement.

However, even if you’ve been doing roof repairs at regular intervals and keeping up with maintenance schedules, there comes a time when you will eventually need to have a roof replacement. Usually, this is when you notice that you’ve been having frequent repairs or that the repair works are not helping with your roofing issues. Once you see these signs, then its perhaps time to get a new roof for your house.


The wintertime is usually not a good season to get a roof replacement. The biggest concerns are the safety of the people working on the roof as well as the durability of the materials being installed. Materials such as asphalt shingles can become brittle because of the cold weather. As these are nailed into place during the installation, they can shatter. Also, the snow or ice can get stuck between the shingles or tiles and when it warms up the melting snow can cause severe water damage from the inside. However, a big advantage of winter installations is that you have the flexibility and more time to get it done as fewer people get their roof replacements during this time. However, if you happen to have a damaged roof in winter, then get it replaced quickly to avoid any further costly damage. Companies like Wolfenburg Roofing work through the winter to insure all your roofing needs are met!


Many homeowners will start to experience any roof problems during springtime. This is mainly caused by the harsher weather conditions from winter. As temperatures rise and the snow starting to melt, your older roof will most likely start to leak in several places. This is a very busy period for many homeowners and repair companies. With normal temperatures and working conditions, a roof replacement in spring is the best. Plus, any adhesives used on materials such as asphalt shingles will be more effective.


The summer months bring consistent and warmer weather conditions, this is another great time to have a roofing replacement. The biggest challenge is getting a flexible schedule as repair companies are quite busy during this time as well. Also, the warmer weather conditions can cause some asphalt shingles to melt. The best time to work will be in the morning before the temperatures go up.


Getting your roof replacement during the autumn season has a big advantage of getting you adequately prepared for the coming winter. Also, the weather is stable, consistent and cooler, allowing any workers to work for extended periods. You don’t have to worry about the blistering sun or any rains. The weather conditions also make autumn the best time for any outdoor work. Many property owners will also opt for a roof replacement during this time of year.

While you might have started planning around doing your next roof replacement, the best period to get your roof replacement is not entirely reliant on the time of year. If you start seeing signs of excessive wear and tear then a replacement is necessary. You shouldn't wait too long for a certain time to get the roof replacement done. The best time would be as soon as possible. Contact a professional roofing contractor to take a look at your roof today!


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