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Top 7 modern flat Roof Homes

Wolfenburg Flat Roofing decided to choose the top 7 modern flat roof projects. # 6 is our favourite. These homes are designed and produced to last and look fantastic. More people now a day are using flat roofing options to make their homes look more modern, clean looking but also stronger.

Modern Home Flat Roofing Flat roofs in Ottawa are known to take a beating from the winter, rain and sun. There are some companies which offers modern home flat roofing service in Toronto. They are easier to clean and maintain then traditional shingle roofing and look much better.

Now here are our top 7 Modern Flat roof projects.

1.Simple and clean. This flat roof has a beautiful clean look with sharp finishes.

Modern Home Flat Roofing


Best Flat Roof Toronto

3. Everyone loves a nice cool pool in the summer. The over build on this flat roof home in Ottawa is great to have a little patio that covers the hot sun.

Best Flat Roof Toronto

4. beautiful Costa Rican home in the jungle. This flat roof option is great to withstand the strong sun and heavy rains.

Beautiful Costa Rican home


Best Flat Roof Toronto

6. Mid century modern feel, this flat roof has a multi step platform on different layers. Great for second level decks and patio spaces on the roof.

Patio spaces on the roof


Best Flat Roof Toronto

What to know if your flat roof needs a replacement or repair? Give Wolfenburg Flat Roof Ottawa a call on 613-800-9058 or drop us an email at We will perform a complimentary inspection and give you a quote. We have been in the business for many years and know all the best and modern flat roof materials that would suit your property in Ottawa.


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