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Roof Leaks 101

Roof leaks can result in significant problems to your home, especially if it is not detected in time or left unaddressed. Did you know that understanding the basics can help you detect roof leaks and prevent them from occurring regularly? Once they occur, you may need to contact a roofing company near you for roof repair or replacement. The basic function of your roof is to protect your interior by keeping out elements that may ruin it. Learn more about roof leaks here, including their effects, how to inspect them, vulnerable roof leak areas, and many more. Stay tuned.

1. Effects of Roof Leaks on Your Building

When roof leaks go unidentified, they can lead to severe damage to your walls and the interior. Here are some key side effects of roof leaks.

· Mold and moss growth

· Plaster or sheetrock ceiling damage

· Rotten or damaged roof decking.

· Weakening of the entire structure, especially if the leaks go through the walls.

2. Causes of Roof Leaks

Snow or ice

A weighty snowpack, ice dam, or icicles can cause storm damage, leading to roof leaks. If it accumulates for long period, particularly during the winter season, you will need to contact for a flat roof repair in Toronto.

Age of your roof

According to one of the best flat roofers in Toronto, Wolfenburg, a typical lifespan of a shingle roof is 20 to 25 years, metal roof - 50 years, and slate – 100 years. However, this period can vary depending on how well you maintain your roof. Check out our range of roof maintenance tips that can help you extend your roof’s lifespan. If your roof is old, it may start having leaks, as it weakens over time.

Storm damage

Water spots or wet walls on the ceiling signify storm damage on the roof from the interior. On the outside, you can easily see missing shingles. Therefore, you should investigate your roof shingles regularly to prevent costly repairs in the long run.


Siding and roof repair issues often occur due to hail damage. When hail falls from above in different sizes, it causes varying dents on your roof. Baseball-sized hail is enough to create a hole in your roof, causing a roof leak.

3. Areas You’re Likely to Find Roof Leaks

Broken or damaged shingles

Suppose you encounter a roof leak at your home. In that case, your roof’s shingles are the first thing you should check. Any visibly damaged shingles can direct you to the source of the leakage. If you find significant damages on your shingles, call for commercial or residential flat roof repair in Toronto. The flat roofers in Toronto will come and examine the situation and give a detailed course of action.

Dormers and Walls

Dormers are roof windows that offer extra usable space in your home's attic areas or loft. These windows and walls around them can be a source of roof leakages. If you encounter any signs of roof leakages on your dormers, do not hesitate to call for a professional inspection by commercial roofing contractors like Wolfenburg.

Furnace Vents

A usual furnace vent contains a single- or double-pipe system. The seams next to the vents may crack or loosen, leading to water leaks in your home. Other areas vulnerable to roof leaks include plumbing vent boots, flashing, and chimneys. Therefore, you should be aware of these locations and inspect them regularly, ensuring that your home is safe from roof leaks.

4. How Do You Identify the Source of Your Roof Leaks?

With the Help of Your Friend

Not everyone can easily spot signs of roof leaks. If you don’t have enough experience to inspect yourself, ask for your friend’s help. Take your friend around as they help you spot any signs of roof leaks at your home.

Contact a Commercial Roofing Company

Hiring a professional roofer, regardless of the size of your roof leak, is a great idea. Professional flat roofers in Ottawa perform a detailed inspection on your roof and address all your roof leak problems.

5. Hire a Local Expert in Flat Roofing in Ottawa.

Are you in Ottawa and its environs? Do you need quality, trusted, and affordable roof leak inspection or other roofing services? If yes, Wolfenburg roofing company is here to help you with all your roofing needs.

Contact us now for an immediate solution to all roofing problems. Say goodbye to roof leaks.


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