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Roof Maintenance Tips to Make Your Roof Last Longer

A home’s roof is crucial as it shields you from all types of intrusions from above, ranging from water to snow, among other elements. Despite how much you ignore its maintenance, sooner or later, you will need to replace or repair it for various reasons. To ensure that you're safe at all times, you need to contact the best roofing companies near you to conduct a roofing inspection. However, this option comes at a cost, and that is why you need to consider several maintenance tips to make your home's roof last longer. Here are some crucial tips to get you started.

Remove Snow from the Roof

Snow buildup on your roof can have detrimental effects on your roof’s strength. Residential roofers and commercial roofing companies encourage homeowners to get rid of snow from their roofs before it becomes too heavy. It weakens the roof, resulting in potential leaks.

Use a snow rake to carefully scrape away snow from your rooftop. Alternatively, if you find out that the snow accumulation is beyond the "Do it Yourself" level, consider contacting a roofing company to handle it professionally. This way, you will reduce its weight and pressure on your roof, minimizing the chances of potential collapse. As a result, it will increase your roof’s lifespan.

Remove Mold and Moss

Mold, moss, and algae spores are dynamic and can be carried away easily by the wind from one roof to another. The impact of mold and moss is disastrous to your health and roof. Inhaling mold spores for a long period causes sore throat, eye irritation, lung irritation, and headache, just to mention a few.

Mold weakens your roof’s shingles. The longer it stays untreated, the more it spreads, leading to a more loosened roof. Get rid of mold and moss by spraying chlorine bleach mixed with water. However, you take precautions when handling mold cases, including wearing protective gear and a mask. If you’re worried about the extent of the mold, contact a professional mold removal company near you.

Maintain Clean Gutters

Every season comes with debris that builds up in your gutters. Ensuring that your gutters are blockage-free and clean is a crucial roof maintenance tip that can increase your roof’s lifespan. If water cannot flow down the gutters, it can cause problems across the entire build, from your roof to the basement.

Roof decking rot due to gutter backup is easy to prevent. You can climb up on a ladder regularly to clean up blockages on your gutters. Alternatively, you can call a reputable gutter cleaning service provider to remove any obstructions in your gutters. It will cost you but save you in the long run because it will take longer before incurring major roofing repairs or replacements.

Check for Missing or Cracked Shingles

During summer, the weather can take its toll on your home’s roof, especially if it has a flat roof. High temperatures can crack or shrink your roof’s shingles, while extreme storms can break them off the roof.

Commercial roofing contractors and roofing companies build roofs to last longer. However, severe weather conditions, such as tropical storms and hurricanes, can damage any roofing system regardless of its strength. Taking your time to inspect your roof can help you identify and replace missing and cracked shingles before it is too late.

If you’re unsure of how to go about it, consider calling a professional roofing company near you for inspection.

Call for Roof Inspection Services

Although you can inspect the roof yourself, a professional roofing company can perform a rigorous roof inspection due to their expertise. If your roof has hidden roof issues, the company will help you spot and repair them early before they ruin your roof. This way, it will boost your roof’s lifespan.

The Bottom Line

Roof repair and replacement in Ottawa can be expensive. Adopting the discussed roof maintenance tips can help increase your roof’s lifespan, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. If you’re looking for residential flat roofing or commercial roofing services in Canada, you should go for insured and licensed roofing companies, like Wolfenburg. For more information about the company, check out its website here.


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