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How to Deal with Roof Leaks Until Professional Repairs Can Be Done

It sucks having to take shelter from the rain in the comfort of your home and then having the rain penetrate your roof and destroy your safety too. Sometimes there is no immediate professional help, but sitting idly by while the dripping droplets erode the beauty and safety of your home is not an option so have to take the matter into your own hands. Here are a few things you can do to deal with roof leaks until professional repairs can be done.

Identify the leaking spot

If you see a leak, identify the spot the part in which it is entering your house. If it is raining outside, place buckets or dishes on the ground to collect the water so that it does not cause internal damage to your furniture or the house itself. You can also move and arrange your furniture so that it is not in the streak of the water. If water has found its way to your carpet use dry towels or any cloths to absorb the moisture.

Locate the point of entry

After identifying the point where water is getting into the house, you also need now to try and locate the point where it is penetrating the roof. This will help you come up with ways to cover the leak, depending on the area. Leaks usually come between decking and shingle and you need to see if you can locate the point where the water is coming in. You can also do this from the attic, which is better because you can identify the ports of entry through penetrating light and cover it with paste or putty from inside the attic.

Cover the leaking area with plastic

The best way to tentatively fix a roof leaking problem if you find one is to place a large plastic over the area of the roof. Plastics are waterproof so can cover up your problem before professional repairs are done and save you from doing more incurring to your house. To make sure that the tarp does not get blown away, place boards on the corners of the tarp. Check it regularly to see if the water is not pooling if you have a flat roof.

Remove tree branches or debris on the roof

Tree branches that might have fallen on the roof are common causes for roof leaks, if there are any such branches, carefully remove them from the roof and then cover the areas that would have been damaged. This can help solve the problem temporarily before professionals can help you out. You should also clean and remove debris that might have blocked and clogged your gutters because the clogging can cause water to pool on roofs and then end up leaking into the house.

The above tips are all you need to deal with roof leaks until professional repairs can be done on your roof. Remember, a roof leak is not a disaster if discovered early and fixed by professionals. If you find one in your house, do not panic but call for help and use these ways to tentatively reduce the damage to your house before professional help comes to your aid. Wolfenburg Roofing offers 24/7 emergency service!


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