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7 Ways to Tell, You Need A New Roof

It would be a disaster to wake up to find that your house's roof has been blown off, or worse to have it fall in you while you have dinner. Though it might not always end up in such extremes, your roof can get damaged to the extent of you needing to get a new one, there are a few red flags that you need to pay attention to on your roof, and if you see these red flags, you need a new roof.

Damaged shingles

Damaged shingles are the most evident external sign that your house needs a new role. If the shingles on your roof are curled up around the edges, then your roof is due for replacement because shingles are supposed to be flat and parallel to the roof. Also, check-in your gutters to see if some granules of the shingles are not falling off, if all of these things are present, you likely need a new roof.

Moss build-up

The presence of moss on your roof is an indicator that you need to replace your roof. Moss and algae indicate prolonged water and moisture action on the structures on your roof and support on your roof. If you see that there is moss build-up on your roof, you will probably be due for a replacement. Sometimes it is not a big problem, but sometimes it is the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem on your roof


If you begin to see stains or streaks of water on your ceilings or along your wall, it means that water has penetrated through your roof, and if this persists, your roof will be completely damaged. So if you see this, it probably means that water has been taking action on your roof and hence you might need to replace it.

An aged roof

If your roof has been around for over 20 years, it likely needs to be replaced despite you not seeing any structural damage on it. Usually, roofs need to be changed after 20 years because that is the roof's useful lifespan.

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To those with asphalt and wooden roof, rotting is a definite sign that your house needs a new roof. If you see the wooden tiles getting rotten, it is proof that you need to replace your roof. The rooting can also occur on the trusses supporting your roof, so you must return your roof if you see this.

Penetrating light

If you step into your attic or ceiling and see a lot of light penetrating through various points, it means you should probably replace the roof altogether, unless if they are small and few, then simple repairs can fix them.

High Energy Bills.

A poor roof will not provide you with the shelter you need against heat and cold as a lot of cold will penetrate and a lot of heat escaping. This will cause more intensive air-conditioning and in the end, a spike in energy bills.

You should regularly inspect your roof and solve problems before getting bigger and harder to manage and engage professionals to get their opinions on everything concerning your roof and be fine and safe.


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