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Understanding Roofing Warranties

Roof replacement is stressful irrespective of whether your roof has completed its lifespan or been damaged by a storm. However, you can comfortably focus on the future once your project is completed. But how can you ensure the protection of your major investment? You have probably outlined a number of minimum requirements when searching for roofing contractors. At least you are keen on assessing their customer reviews and experiences with the kind of roofing you want. These checkboxes are crucial, and the topmost on your list should be the kind of warranties offered by these roofing companies.

1. Why You Need to Know About a Warranty

A warranty is a crucial guarantee from the roofing contractor, promising to cover needed repairs after the roofers complete the initial job. It can also promise that the craftsmanship and materials used on your roof are durable and quality. If they are not, the roofing company is responsible for upholding their promise and rectifying the problems.

You need to note that warranties are not everlasting. There is a finite period under the warranty that you can submit a claim. Also, remember that under certain circumstances, there are exclusions on what the warranty covers. Therefore, before hiring a roofing contractor, you should ideally review their warranties.

The majority of individuals misunderstand and undervalues roofing warranties. But undeniably, a valid warranty from a reputable company has significant value behind it. Various types of warranties work together to protect your investment and home. Here is what you should understand about roofing warranties:

2. Workmanship Vs. Manufacturer Warranties

When it comes to roofing, workmanship and manufacturer warranties will typically come into play. One emanates from the roofing company that will put up your roof, and the other from the roofing material manufacturers. In tandem, the warranties will comprehensively cover the new roof from parts to labor and installation.

Roofing warranties are designed to protect your investment or home's comprehensive structure and value. Therefore, it is possible to experience property value depreciation when you contract with unlicensed roofing contractors or weak warranties. Choose wisely to get roofers with strong warranties as the roof is the topmost costly part of your premise in replacement and repairs. Also, the idea that your roofing system is insured and protected grants peace of mind.

Workmanship or Contractor Warranties: This warranty exclusively covers the installation and labor part of the roofing equation. Therefore, in case you had a new roof installation, and then you discover a leak that may have occurred due to incorrect or sloppy installation, the contractor warranty will cover the costs.

You might be tempted to secure a shorter workmanship warranty to save costs. However, it might be an expensive attempt as poor installation might take a few years to deteriorate and cause leakages or worse. The best news is that the warranty is negotiable to better cater to your distinct needs.

Manufacturer Warranties: These warranties cover issues or deficiencies in the roofing materials. These can be problems like failure of sealant, premature fails of underlayment, and faulty shingles, among others. Suppose there is proof the issue is not on the product installation but on the product itself. In that case, these defects are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Most professional roofing contractors in Ottawa like Wolfenburg select durable materials and those with sturdy manufacturer warranties. It is essential to note that the warranty is non-negotiable; hence, the contractor and homeowner must review the terms and conditions keenly. This will significantly curb premature failures of the materials.

Wolfenburg Workmanship and Manufacturer Warranty

Wolfenburg is a legal and dependable flat roofing company offering customers a 15-year contractor and 20-year manufacturer warranty. We promise complete customer satisfaction and quality workmanship that is free from defects. Should there be a failure resulting from workmanship defects, we are always ready to stand behind our promise and correct the issue as long as the property owner is maintained.

Nevertheless, with our extended warranties, you can be assured your roof will handle whatever comes to it. We are just a call away if you need new roofing, replacement of an existing roof, or roofing repairs. Contact us today, and we will offer a hand in protecting your most significant investment.


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