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Top 10 Architect firms in Ottawa for Modern Homes

Are you looking to erect your dream home, with all the creature comforts you ever hoped for and more? Finding the best architect in Ottawa is the first important step that will define the final outcome. We have put together a list of the top 10 firms in Ottawa for modern homes. These will serve you expertly and professionally to make your home-design dreams come true, as well as ensure that you stay within your budget in the process!

Amsted Design Build

1. Amsted Design Build

Our first pick is a renowned and equally competent design firm. For all your home renovations and customized homes, Amsted Design-Build is your go-to for design and build. With over 30 years of experience, the company will help you produce a functional yet modern and unique living space. Whether that is renovating your kitchen, planning a roof replacement, or remodeling, trust that Amsted will create a home that is unmistakably yours.

2. Ardington + Associates Design

Ardington + Associates Design is a boutique firm specializing in modern, contemporary, and temporary designs for custom homes plus additions and renovations. Their residential and small commercial design services have become popular since the company's inception in 2013. They use a project's constraints to drive ideas and be original. For Ardington and Associates, each project is a chance to also include the client at every stage.

3. SAI Consulting

Since being established in 1993, SAI Consulting has been dedicated to creating quality homes and revamps in all of Canada's locations. The firm provides its customers with long-term investment value and they are dedicated to high standards that are expected. They also offer services like commercial flat roofing to complement and maintain existing structures.

4. LineBox Studio

If you're looking for an architecture firm that will handle every aspect of the construction process, LineBox Studio should be top on your list. They provide all building services and they have expert flat roof contractorstooon their team for both domestic and commercial clients. For LineBox, every project is an opportunity to learn something new and clients will be included in almost all processes.

flat roofing Toronto

5. Hierarchy Development & Design

Hierarchy Development & Design is all about plush homes. Their attention to detail is unrivaled and this is quite evident in all their previous engagements. The firm's experience is telling and they are worth a visit if you need some quality design and building work.

6. Flynn Architect Inc.

With an ongoing obligation to design excellence, research, and devotion, Flynn Architect Inc is loyal to its client's visions. They continue to advance a complete, holistic and sustainable approach to building which is in line with the 21st century. Although the approach to each project is unique, the dedication and passion is the basis for all of the firm's designs. Their experience makes them a good choice for jobs like roof repairs.

7. Design First Interiors

Using an established end-to-end design knowledge, Design First Interiors expertly interprets its clients' unique wishes, requirements, and lifestyles to produce living spaces that provide profound enjoyment, function, extraordinary craftsmanship, and quality.

8. OakWood Designers & Builders

With over 60 years of design & building experience, Oakwood Designers and Builders are tried and tested in this industry. On the back of client referrals and a repute for quality that is second to none, the firm has gradually grown to become one of the largest and most established full-service design & building businesses in Canada. They are also undoubtedly one of the best commercial roofing companies around.

Southam Design Inc

9. Southam Design Inc

Award-winning interior designs and architecture have earned Southam Design a reputation for being fresh, modern, creative, and passionate. With over two decades of design and architectural experience, the company strives to create spaces that actively engage the senses and rouse emotion. They offer services such as basement remodeling, new home construction, bathroom design, and have access to certified roofing companies

10. Kariouk Associates

Are you thinking minimalistic and cozy yet spacious? Kariouk Associates have the same design inspiration. This firm is all about architecture with soul and this is evident in the intimate and familiar designs they create. They are a true modern architecture and building firm.

Each of these firms is capable of handling your design needs to the fullest. They will also assist you with other related services that they may not handle in-house so you’re in good hands whichever one you pick. Ready to live in your dream home? Take the leap and get the ball rolling today!

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