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Roof Restoration 101: Everything You Should Know for a Successful Project

When did you look at your roof for the last time? It has always protected you and your family from the harsh elements, but most people do not pay much attention to it. There may be several minor issues with the roof, but these can quickly become major problems. So, you may need to have your roof repaired if your roof looks worn, starts to leak, or you've just seen better days. A roof restoration will fix all these problems while adding value and street appeal to your property.

What is a roof restoration?

Roof restoration is when an existing roof is repaired and rejuvenated to restore its looks, performance, and longevity. The restoration of the roof may be a very complex process, but it is much cheaper than a complete roof replacement. It can also enhance the value of your property by improving the appearance and performance of the roof and providing better protection and safety for the property and its occupants. Additionally, it can improve energy efficiency by ensuring that the roof is properly sealed and free from leaks, which helps reduce energy costs.

Roof Repair Ottawa

The process of roof restoration

Although every home has different needs since every roof is different, a typical roof restoration process involves the following steps:

1. Inspection

The initial step in the roof restoration is a roof inspection which is implemented to find out the extent of damage and identify all areas that need repair or replacement.

2. Cleaning

The next step in roof restoration is cleaning the roof. Any dirt, debris, or mould that may have accumulated on the roof is removed.

3. Damage Repair and Tile Replacement

After cleaning the roof, the next step is to repair any damages and replace the tiles which cannot be repaired. This step is vital to ensure that the roof continues to function effectively.

4. Painting

The next step is painting the roof to ensure a fresh look and long-lasting protection of the roof.

5. Resealing

The final step is resealing the roof to ensure the roof is protected from water damage and leaks.

The average lifespan of a restored roof

Most roof restorations, on average, will last around 10 to 15 years, which is why so many people decide to get their roofs restored.

How to know if your roof needs restoration?

To know if your roof requires restoration, do a visual inspection. Check for any evidence of standing water, broken tiles, wet insulation, cracked seams or rusty metal. Remember, even minor issues can quickly convert into significant problems, which may cause financial loss. If your roof needs restoration, contact roofing contractors for a professional opinion.

Wolfenburg in Ottawa: A Trustworthy Roofing Company

Wolfenburg in Ottawa is a well-known and reliable roofing company that provides high-quality roof restorations to property owners in Ottawa. Our experts will come onsite to inspect your roof, discuss your options, and provide a quote for a complete roof restoration.

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