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What Are Some Common Reasons for Roofing Problems?

Issues with roofing can be complicated and expensive, and it is best to avoid them where possible. Unfortunately, some roofing problems are caused by things beyond your control, such as harsh weather. Here are five of the most common roofing problems, so you can avoid them where possible, or at least be alert to damage.

Poor Installation

Poor Installation

If your roof was not installed correctly, you are far more likely to experience issues with it later on. It may seem tempting to go for a roofer with lower fees, but this can result in cut corners, cheaper materials, and poor labor work. You will save money in the long run by hiring contractors that are professional and will get the job done right the first time. Wolfenburg Roofing ensures proper roof installation so that you do not run into this problem.

Neglecting Maintenance

No matter what kind of roof you have or how old it is, it will require some form of regular maintenance. This helps to deal with minor issues such as clogged gutters and keep your roof in top shape to prevent certain issues. Maintenance also helps you to spot problems before they occur. Minor roofing issues can sometimes be easily remedied, but if they are left alone, they worsen and become significantly harder to deal with.

Harsh Weather Conditions

This is unavoidable, and if you live in areas that are known for extreme weather, you may already have experience dealing with it. Depending on the material of your roof, extremely snow or ice can melt, flowing beneath your roof shingles and refreeze, forcing them out of place. Heavy winds can also cause roof damage by ripping up parts of your gutter or shingles, even creating leaks. Although the weather is unavoidable, if you live in areas where this is common, it is likely that roofers will work around this. They should offer you roofing options that can withstand this as much as possible.


No roof is meant to last forever, and often old roofs will begin to deteriorate from old age. You can delay this issue as much as possible by doing all of the necessary maintenance, but sooner or later your roof will begin to fall apart. Exposure to the elements can cause your roof to get weak and brittle, leaving it susceptible to other issues, such as weather problems. At some point, it will just become cheaper to replace your roof (or at least parts of it), than continuously attempting to repair it.

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Sun Exposure

By nature, roofs are built to withstand exposure to the sun, but eventually, the harsh UV rays and heat will begin to break it down. If you live in an area that experiences significant heat during the day but very cold temperatures at night, this can also have an effect on your roof. It can cause it to go into thermal shock, by expanding and shrinking too quickly, leading to warping or cracking in some materials. This is not an issue for new roofs but will occur to some degree as your roof gets older.

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