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Pre Winter Roof Inspections

Pre Winter Roof Inspections

Snow and ice can be particularly damaging to flat roofs. The moisture may be unable to escape and can end up causing major damage to your home. Ice dams and heavy loads put a lot of stress on a roof, and it’s important to make sure it’s in good shape before the season begins. One way to help avoid damage and make sure your roof will be able to stand up to the weather is by getting a professional pre-winter roof inspection done.

When you have a flat roof it’s especially important to remember to schedule your pre-winter roof inspection. This is due to the lack of pitch making it hard for the homeowner to spot problems on their own from the ground. The lack of drainage makes winters particularly tough for flat roofs to weather.

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What To Look For

A professional roofer should perform the inspection. Initially, what they will look for is damaged tiles, shingles, and flashing. These parts of your roof are vital to making sure that no water will be able to penetrate the inside of the home. Once the winter begins ice and snow can cause gaps and cracks to open up more. It’s important for your roof technician to fill even seemingly small imperfections.

If you have gutters, they will need to be inspected for flaws. Remember to clean your gutters and free them from leaves and other debris before the winter season. Failure to do so can result in damage to the gutters themselves and can cause water damage. Ask your roofing technician if you need help with this task.

One major indication of a roof leak is the presence of any watermarks on your ceiling. If you see dark spots forming after a storm, there is undoubtedly a leak. If there are any such marks present in your home, make sure to inform the roofing technician during their visit. These are indicative of the kinds of small cracks that can grow bigger after snow or ice accumulation.

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An indication that there may be a ventilation issue is the presence of a whistling sound from inside the home when the wind blows. Changing door frames can be an indication of a roofing problem as well, and sometimes can cause doors to open on their own. Makes sure to mention if any of these problems occur in your home during your inspection.

The Solution To Prevent Damages

It can be dangerous and damaging to the roof for the homeowner to perform their own pre-winter roof inspection. Walking on your roof can cause more damage to existing weaknesses. Besides damaging your roof you could also end up hurting yourself from a fall. It’s important to have a professional manage this task for you, even if you typically do your home maintenance on your own.

Having a flat roof inspected for small imperfections before winter arrives can help you avoid major roofing repairs. Heavy snow and ice loads in combination with moisture can cause problems as the season goes on. Having a professional company carefully inspect your flat roof is the ultimate solution to avoid structural, water, and gutter damage.

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