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How to Prevent Your Flat Roof from Leaking

How to Prevent Your Flat Roof from Leaking

A flat roof, when properly installed by a company like Wolfenburg Flat Roof Ottawa, can provide a lot of benefits. It is easier and cheaper to install, more durable than sloped roofs and provides enough space for a rooftop garden or entertainment area. Installing a flat roof is a wise choice, but just like any other roof, it is vulnerable to leakages.

Prevent Your Flat Roof From Leaking

Despite the name, a flat roof isn’t completely flat (it is slightly sloped). This means that it is more than possible for water to pool on top of it and start to leak into the house. A leaky roof is one that is not protecting your home, and once the water gets inside the house, it can do some serious damage. This is especially true for the wall and anything electrical inside.

If the leaking gets worse, then the roof will eventually have to be replaced, which is a costly endeavour.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent your flat roof from leaking. While you can’t stop all instances of leakage, these solutions will prevent it from occurring in the first place. That way, you get to enjoy your roof without worrying about water damage.

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Seal cracks immediately

This is an important one to remember: leave no cracks unsealed. Cracks have a tendency to grow bigger and bigger as the roof is exposed to the elements. If the cracks are small enough, then it is possible to use a repair kit to seal them up. However, if they are large, you need to call in professionals like Wolfenburg Flat Roof Ottawa to come and patch things up.

Clear The Roof Of Any Debris In Ottawa

Clear the roof of any debris

Debris can tend to stay longer on the flat roofs compared to their slopped counterparts. This usually happens when a storm blows over and deposits debris on the roof. The problem is that they can gather around the edges of the roof, preventing the water from reaching the drainage system. If you notice debris on your flat roof, simply remove it with a broom, making sure that none of it ends up in the drainage.

Seal flat roof with waterproof coating

Perhaps the best way to prevent leakages is to make the roof waterproof. If your flat roof is made from things like tiles and asphalt, it can be a little more porous than other roofs. This makes it more susceptible to leakage. So call in the professionals so they can come and seal your flat roof with waterproof coating.

Roof Inspected Services In Ottawa

Get your roof inspected

Getting your roof inspected is vital to preventing leakage since you can catch problems before they occur. If it is too late for the pre-emptive route, you can definitely identify them before they get worse. Problems don’t go away when they are ignored – they tend to get worse. For flat roofs, it is prudent to have them inspected twice a year; in the summer and in the winter. If problems are found, they need to be fixed immediately.

Preventing your flat roof from leaking is paramount to enjoying it for a long time. Contact Wolfenburg Flat Roof Ottawa now on 613-800-9058 or email us at, and we will come inspect your roof and prevent it from leaking.

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