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Why You Should Get Your Roof Checked Before Winter

Winter always comes around, and it can be an unrelenting time, especially if it knocks while you are unprepared in terms of the state of your home. You will definitely feel the heat, or cold to be precise! Apart from shopping for winter clothing to avoid the harsh cold, you should also check your roof because spring can profoundly affect your roof that it would need checking as the season changes. Here are more of the reasons why you should get a roofing estimate or inspection before the winter season sets in;

To find hidden issues

Inspection of a roof is necessary because it is through this that you will find hidden problems that might be growing subliminally. These include weathering, aging debris, or growth of vegetation within the roof. It is imperative that you inspect such issues that might have gone unnoticeable

To prepare your roof for winter

An inspection will help you see if your roof needs extra efforts to make it winter-ready. For this, it is important that you hire experts to tell you if your roofing shingles are either loose, damaged, or lost. This inspection can help you go through winter safely through proper pre-emptive planning.

To quickly repair before winter kicks in

You wouldn't want a scenario where the roof is repaired amid the cold winter days. This is because sometimes the repairs might require the roof to be peeled off and have new ones installed. To counter this, therefore, you would need to have your roof checked and repaired before winter comes.

To save your winter costs

A problematic roof can make you suffer from unusually low temperatures if some holes or leaks increase the cold in your house or any form of agents that might reduce the insulation of your house. This will subsequently cost you huge sums of money for air conditioning. You need therefore to have your roof inspected before winter so that all these problems are averted.

To have a warm winter

Probably the most important need for inspecting your roof is so that you enjoy staying in your house throughout the cold winter. Sometimes when winter comes and the roof leaks are hard to prepare you will find it hard to live in. to make sure that your house stays homey, you have to inspect your roof before it strikes.

To correct the effects of summer and spring

Seasons come in cycles, so the previous season is going to have some kind of impact on your roof. As winter approaches, you need to see the kind of effect summer or spring had on your roof and to see if the damage is either minimal or not. Especially after coming from a season with heavy storms, you should inspect your roof to see if there is considerable damage to your roof.


If your roof has aged, you need to inspect it before the start of the season, winter in particular. If you know that your roof is old, you need to check it to see if it can survive another winter. Checking your roofs, if you know it has aged is important to see if it can survive another winter, or it needs requires or a complete overhaul.


After every season, there is a high risk of moss and mold to build up in your house because of the warm and humid conditions that might arise. These create optimum conditions for the spawning of mold as moss spores. So after wet and warm seasons, you should check your roof for moss build ups that might be worsened in winter.

As daunting as this list may seem, all these aspects can easily be covered through thorough and diligent roof services. This way, you ensure that your home is ready to brace the howling freezing winds to come. After all, that cool breeze you were enjoying during the warmer seasons can easily turn to a relentless frost channel as the season turns. Bottom line; be sure to inspect (or get it inspected if you doubt your observation skills) your roof before winter comes and attend to any issues pronto! Contact Wolfenburg Roofing for a free roof inspection!


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