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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

No doubt, the roof is a crucial component of any home. It shields the inhabitants against harsh weather conditions such as heavy storms and freezing temperatures. Furthermore, the state of the roof contributes significantly to the overall value of the property. Even amidst serving a role of such paramount importance, the roofing is often overlooked, up until there are major issues such as heavy leakages or storm damage occur.

While at it, it is vital to highlight that adhering to good roof maintenance practices help extend its useful lifespan and saves a lot of financial resources that are usually associated with a complete roof replacement.

Discussed below are some of the useful tips that homeowners can implement to extend the life of their roofs.

Maintain Gutters

Gutters serve the pivotal role of catching debris and leaves that fall off the roof and direct water away from the same through downspouts. They provide the much-needed drainage mechanism to the roof. Therefore, it is paramount that they are adequately maintained by fastening them securely to the superstructure, filling gaps or holes with caulk, and cleaning them out to ensure that debris and leaves do not hinder the roof from draining properly.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Keeping trees trimmed is another vital step towards ensuring that the roof is kept from undue damage that will threaten to shorten its useful lifespan. Tree branches are known to rub against rooftops, loosening shingles, and blow onto roots during violent storms, causing undesirable damage. It is therefore critical that trees that are within the vicinity of the roof be trimmed to reduce the chances of it succumbing to unnecessary damage during wind or lightning strikes.

Ventilate the Attic

Homeowners should also adopt sound attic ventilation steps if they are to extend the lifespan of their roofs. Adequate ventilation enables cool air to enter the attic and warm humid air to escape. The presence of too much humid air in the attic is undesirable as it results in the development of molds that can damage the insulation as well as the roof itself, thereby shortening its economic lifespan.

Eliminate Ice Dams And Excessive Snow Build-Up.

Ice dams and excessive snow are some of the dangers that homeowners should eliminate from their roofs if they are to extend their lifespan. Ice dams are dangerous because they result in added load and shingle damage if not removed. On the other hand, the excessive snow build-up is a cause for concern because its weight can be significant enough to threaten the structural integrity of a roof, resulting in the development of weak spots over time.

To eliminate these, homeowners can make use of heated wire stretched across the roof, it will go a long way in protecting against ice dams and minimizing ice build-up.

Schedule Annual Inspection

Finally, the importance of scheduling regular roof inspections by professionals cannot be underestimated. It gives homeowners the chance to be aware of roof problems while they are still in their developmental stages and also cheap to rectify.

As we wind up, remember that taking pro-active action like this can easily save you thousands of dollars in serious roof repair or replacement costs. Make it a habit to create a checklist for these easy maintenance habits and your roof will surely last long!


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