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Most Desirable Areas to Buy Real Estate in Ottawa

Most Desirable Areas to Buy Real Estate in Ottawa

When people think real estate, they look at or look for real estate in areas which gives them diversity. Home ownership is what a lot of people want. A recent study indicated that the most desirable places to live are usually areas that have the best job markets, the best schools for children. But finding a good home to buy can prove to be difficult.

There are so many factors to consider.

It might not always be simple to find real estate that one might want to buy. This is because you might find real estate in an area that, for example, does not have good schools. You might even find real estate in a very good area, but it might be far from your work place. What we are saying is that there are a lot of factors that have one has to consider. And these determine the type of real estate you will buy.

Once you take into account the following factors, you are sure to find the most desirable places to buy real estate in Ottawa:

-Employment opportunities: Every time a large corporation moves into town, people will follow.

-Location: A good area has a combination of good schools, universities, big corporations, transportation, restaurants and shopping.

-Rent: This is one of the important deciding factors if you are looking to pay off your mortgage very quickly. Investing in an area where the return is great will enable you to pay off your mortgage very quickly.

-Safety: No one wants to leave in an area that is notoriously known for a lot of burglaries or murders. Therefore, people want to live in safe locations where the crime rate is low, where they can sleep at night, worry-free. People want to feel secure.

-Schools: It pays to research the areas that you want to buy real estate to find out whether they have good schools. That is what most families will be looking for, and one of the factors that will certainly make it one of the most desirable areas to buy real estate in Ottawa.

Without Further ado, here are the five most desirable places to buy real east in Ottawa:

  1. Carleton Square (Ottawa)

Carleton Square is close to Carleton University. This means that a lot of the population that will want to move to this area would be students. This makes the area very appealing to investors because real estate in this area tends to be a money maker. Therefore, this makes it one of the most desirable areas to buy real estate in Ottawa.

2.Constance Bay (Carp, Dunrobin, Huntley, Fitzroy & Area)

The homes in this area are smaller and consist of cottages. This is mainly for those people that are looking into converting

properties into four seasons homes.

3.Ottawa East (Ottawa)

This area has restaurants and neighborhoods within walking distance.

4.Fringewood (Stittsville, Munster, Richmond, Goulbourn Township)

What makes this one of the most desirable areas to buy real estate in Ottawa is that it is good for homeowners. The homes in this area are spacious, giving them plenty of options for renovations and other improvements (adding a home gym or swimming pool).

5.Plantagenet (Rockland, Russell, East Quebec Border)

This town is close to a river, which makes it great for people looking for value. Finding a home that is close to this river, and that runs through town is a very good investment.

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