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How To Prepare Your Roof For Spring

Have you heard? Spring is (finally) here… or at least it has arrived in some places! Is your house or commercial property ready to take on the sun and the rain? It takes some planning ahead and adequate preparation to prevent roof leaks and any other roof issues that might arise during the spring months. As the weather becomes warmer and a bit “welcoming”, it’s about time you get your roof and gutters all ready and in shape for the ensuing spring showers. Snow and ice can cause damage even to the strongest roof. This means that a regular check and some minor repairs may be necessary once in a while.

One way to examine the roof is by using binoculars to look at it from the ground level. Have someone else close by to help. If you’re going to climb the roof be careful and wear some protective gear. Watch your step as you remove larger debris such as branches and wind-blown leaves. Also, be careful not to cause any further damage. If it’s required to get onto the roof, but you don’t feel safe or comfortable doing it you should call in for professional help to assist you with the repairs and clean up.

Gutter inspection and cleaning

Your gutters are one of the most critical parts of your roofing system and home in general. Gutters capture snow when it starts to melt. If they are not properly cleaned and attended to, they will start to collect a lot of debris during the winter months. If the channels are in bad shape, they won’t be able to effectively do their work. Be sure to check your gutters every often and carry out necessary repairs if needed. Regular maintenance of the gutters will help you protect the roof for longer. If you don’t have any, be sure to install them as soon as possible.

Check for any holes

Get into your attic or crawlspace and thoroughly inspect for signs of water leaks or daylight intrusion. If you discover damp beams, dripping water, or small puddles of standing water, find the holes and plug the leaks. Remember, water flows downhill, so do check along your roof’s peak when looking for leaks.

Repair damaged shingles

The weight of snow on the shingles during the winter can cause damage to the roofing surface. As a result, leaks and other issues can develop because of wear, tear and strain. Do checks and repair any shingles that need to be repaired, if you cannot do it yourself, best call for professional help to do a thorough job.


Your ceiling also deserves some TLC…especially if you found some leaks. Inspect your ceilings, and watch out for any signs of mold and water streaks. Be sure to plug and carry out repairs as soon as possible. A damaged ceiling is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Keeping a good maintenance record for your roof and gutters with some basic DIY or professional spring upkeep will greatly extend their lifespans, saving you considerable amounts of money in the long run. Think of this upkeep as an investment you won't regret.


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