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Flat Roof Repair Is Crucial to Making Your Property Last

Flat Roof Repair Is Crucial to Making Your Property Last

Even though your flat roof is above you every day protecting you and your property, it is easy to forget it is there. Many people neglect their roof, forgetting that is an essential part of the property and needs to be taken care of. The end result is the roof degrades faster as problems mount until it eventually fails, making the property vulnerable to roof problems, such as leakages or, worse, structure weaknesses.

That is why regular roof inspection, maintenance and repair is a critical aspect of owning a property, whether it is residential or commercial. The moment you spot a problem with your roof, it is time to take action and get it repaired for the following reasons.

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Regular roof inspection, maintenance and repair

Increases the Longevity of the Roof

Every roof has a lifespan, meaning that at some point, failure is just inevitable. When you choose to go with a flat roof, you can expect it to last 15-30 years on average. However, this can only happen if you perform regular flat roof maintenance and repair problems before they get worse.

While your flat roof is on top, it is constantly being subjected to a number of adverse weather conditions, such as snow, wind, rain and heat from the sun. Over time, these elements are bound to cause damage to the roof throughout the years. And the older is, the flat roof the more problems you are going to face.

Now suppose a heavy tree has fallen on your flat roof and caused a puncture upon impact. Now, the longer this remains unattended, the more the problem will get worse. The weight of the tree will keep exerting pressure on the roof, making the puncture bigger and bigger until it affects the roof’s structural integrity. This can drastically reduce its lifespan if not repaired.

Longevity of the Roof

You Can’t Always Rely on Warranties

Contrary to what people believe, a roof that has been neglected can void a warranty. You might be thinking that if your roof in Ottawa needs a big repair while it is within warranty, it is the supplier's problem. But you’d be surprised to learn that regular maintenance is part of the deal. They just won’t come to repair or replace your roof without asking questions.

With regular maintenance, you can notice minor problems and get them repaired right away. And when you need the roofer to fix a big problem, they will see that you tried your best to keep the situation under control and honour their warranty. The sooner you get your roofed repaired, the sooner it goes back to protecting your property.

With the reasons outlined above, it is definitely crucial for all property owners to conduct roof repairs. You don’t want your problems to get so big that you have to perform a costly roof replacement. Have you noticed a problem with your flat roof? Call Wolfenburg Flat Roofing Ottawa on 613-800-9058 or email us on We will come over, inspect the situation and give your reasonable quote for roof repairs.


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