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Common Types of Commercial Roofing Repairs

Owning commercial buildings can be stressful, particularly in building maintenance . Repair maintenance like interior wall painting is familiar in business premises. However, roofing repairs are not part of regular building maintenance and are usually needed every 15-20 years. As professional commercial roofing contractors, we have assisted numerous commercial property owners through several roofing repairs.

An appropriate roofing system can significantly diminish the demand for commercial roof repairs. However, irrespective of having the proper roofing in place, chances are that your roof will eventually need a few repairs here and there for performance and integrity maintenance. To ascertain some common roof issues do not catch you unawares, you need to familiarize yourself with some common types of commercial roofing repairs.

Here are some of the repairs our commercial roofing contractors handle often:

1. Leak Repairs

A leak is one of the worst enemies of your roof. Even a minor leak can result in extensive damage that can wreak your building structure or pave the way for molds. In most cases, leaks happen when the roofing materials are damaged or excessive wear.

These leaks are not readily evident. Therefore, the problem may remain invisible. You might feel tempted to try and fix a roof leak by yourself. But it is recommendable you sought assistance from roofing experts instead. Minor repairs will help fix the cracks, holes, or leaks on your commercial roof. Experts from commercial roofing companies will help identify the leak sources and conduct the necessary repairs.

2. Defected Flashing

When installed adequately around your roofline, roof flashing significantly keep water from flowing underneath the shingles. It also protects the roof joints and seams from excess moisture. Crucial in preventing roofing materials from water damage or rot. Nevertheless, improper installation or thermal shock may break or rip the flashing. In that case, it becomes ineffective in keeping water away from vulnerable areas and seams.

If left unchecked, a defective flashing will cause instability and water damage on the roof. This will necessitate costly repairs and, to some extent, replacement of the roof. In case you have experienced defective flashing, commercial roofing companies can help assess the magnitude of the damage. They will help determine whether a replacement is needed or just repairs. Roofers in Ottawa are professionals in roofing materials repair, including reinstalling flashing.

3. Poor Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation can result in deterioration of the underlying materials. Also, it causes increased humidity and heat levels. In that case, you may experience growing mildew and molds on your business premises. Hot air ascending through the leaks or holes may result in condensation on the roof. Therefore, there will be molding and rotting, which can weaken or cause severe damage to the roof.

It is evident that without immediate repair, poor ventilation can have alarming outcomes. A roof repair company in Ottawa can help repair roof areas on your commercial premise that have been destroyed by mold or moisture. After which, they will resolve issues of poor ventilation.

4. Tile or Shingle Replacement

There are varied types of tiles and shingles used on commercial roofing. Both tiles and shingles can be damaged over time. This may be from physical elements such as fallen branches, overexposure to sunlight, or natural occurrences. The point is, it is more likely you will have to experience some shingle repairs that may be one but not limited to the following:

  • Blistering: Overheating the roof and excessive heat due to poor ventilation can result in blistering of the shingles.

  • Loss of granule: It is usual for tiles and shingles to lose granules or pieces as they deteriorate, exposing the lower surfaces.

  • Splitting: Temperature changes cause the materials to contract and expand, tearing them.

  • Shingles Breakage: Severe winds may cause damage to older shingles resulting in breakage of the others.

  • Shrinkage: The weathering and aging of the shingles material results in shrinking.

Failure to take immediate action, these issues can extend as water flows beneath the adjacent tiles or shingles. If you experience one of the outlined issues, it is wise to call a commercial roofing company immediately. Roof repair professionals can replace the minor parts of the tiles or shingles to sort out the issue as long as other roof areas are looking good.

Handling common commercial roofing repairs as they occur can be a great way to curb future severe roof replacements and repairs. Always partner with professional commercial roofing contractors to inspect your roof condition. Whether in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Gatineau, Wolfenburg can offer you repair services. Contact us for any commercial roofing repair.


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