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Advances in Roofing Technology

Over the years - roofing technologies have taken a dramatic lift. From the genesis of their employment in building, people have always been making changes to them and these changes have caused finer material to be developed. In case you are not familiar with these new changes, this article lists some of them.

Drone technologies

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Maintenance is very crucial to roofing. Drones are an effective way to carry out this process. They help you to check out your roof for leaks and similar problems before they become deadly. Drones also tell you when there is need for cleaning or repair. In addition to maintenance, drones also help you to see and share pictures of your roof. Roofing companies are also able to market themselves by this means on their applications and websites since these are now used widely in the industry. A new and safe way to maintain and monitor your roof! They are much more convenient and efficient when it comes to roof inspections.

Software aid

Companies involved in roofing have also managed to advance in the cyber networking field. One can get expert help at home. There are maintenance apps and other applications for communicating with the installer when their expertise is required immediately. Project management apps that allow you to see when your roofing contractor has completed a task/project and gives the client easier access to information about their roof.

Solar power

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Many people have since moved to greener forms of energy by means of harvesting solar energy. This concept has, as of late, been integrated into effective roof systems. Along with your roof, you can now add solar shingles; they will make sure your roof remains beautiful and that you spend less by getting two things for the price of one.


The technologies now used for insulation have also been updated. Roofing companies are now using implements like fibreglass and some organic polymers. Rubber roofs have also graced the market with their amazing durability. These factors have increased the effectiveness of the insulation.

Insulation is for the purpose of reducing the effect of heat on the house. It reflects UV light and avoids hyper-heating. This ensures relaxation of cooling costs in your house. You will also remain healthy in style.

Fireproof roofing

In addition to the above, roofs are now developed to a level where they can withstand fires. Modern roofing materials are now fire proof. This comes at a time when people have discovered materials that are both pretty and effective. Such materials vary from processed asphalt and metal. They last longer than other roofs.

Green roofs

Nowadays, you can adorn your roof with plants; these including beautiful flowers. This is all thanks to garden roofs. They are made of durable materials - like fibre glass - which are water proof and able to withstand any weight placed on them. These are eco-friendly in that they absorb sunlight and also reduce run-off water that may erode the land beneath.

Styling advantage

The advancement of roofing technologies has now allowed people to get stylish with their roofs. Metal roofs, first, can be coloured and one can use any type of metal of their choice. You can have shingles made of various kinds of materials. Modern shingles now use recycled material, resulting in innovative models. This allows you to style according to your desire.

With all the available modern roofing options there is no reason to stick to a traditional roof. Check out the available futuristic roofing options and pick one that is perfect for you.


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