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10 Interesting facts about Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are the “in thing” in roofing. Despite beautifying houses and adding a modern feel to them, flat roofs are more than just drab covering but rather have many other interesting qualities you may easily miss. Here are ten interesting facts about flat roofs;

1. Flat Roofs are not really flat.

Contrary to popular belief, flat roofs are not really flat. Perfectly engineered flat roofs should be structured in a sloped way to ensure that water can flow and not form puddles on the roof, causing damage. However, a correctly structured roof can have the incline so subtle that most people would not notice it.

2. Flat Roofs make ideal gardens

There is plenty you can do with flat roofs. A flat roof gives additional useful space that can be used for various things such as gardens, playing areas, work-out centers among others. For those who are environmentally friendly, gardens are the ideal options for space on flat roofs.

Flat Roofs are cool roofs

3. Flat Roofs are cool roofs

Flat roofs are cool, literally! Some of the special materials which are used for flat roofs help keep houses or buildings cooler than they normally would. This is good because it helps save money on air conditioning in warm weather.

4. Flat Roofs should be installed by professionals

It is common for customers to hire professionals with experience in building sloped roofs to build a flat roof which in most cases turns out to be disastrous. Flat roofs are complex structures that require intricate designing and installation to prevent leaks or quick damage. It is highly advisable to have professionals skilled and experienced in building flat roofs do the job to avoid mistakes.

5. Bird Droppings are a major cause of damage

Bird droppings are a problem to flat roofs. They can turn the roof into an eyesore and because they are acidic, can cause major damage to materials making up the roof. After setting up a flat roof, ensure that you do not have anything that makes it habitable for birds.

Flat Roofs have energy efficiency

6. Flat Roofs have energy efficiency

The materials used for making flat roofs make them energy efficient, because of these materials, flat roofs are cooler in hot weather keep the cold weather outside in times of cold, which helps reduce energy costs.

7. Flat roofs are popular with commercial buildings

Flat roofs are undeniably the most popular choice with commercial buildings. Large companies use the space to store their Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning machines where they are out of sight and do not make any disruptions through the noise.

Flat Roof Ottawa

8. Flat roofs can last over 20 years

Most people believe that flat roofs do not last very long, which is untrue, with proper maintenance, a flat roof can for over 20 years. As with any other roofs, regularly checking your flat roofs and repairing leaks whilst they are still small can go a long way keeping your roof in good condition.

9. Flat roofs are affordable

Though the actual cost of flat roofs varies due to size, complexity, and location, they are generally much more affordable than what most people think. Because of the improvement in technology, newer and much more affordable are constantly being developed.

10. Flat roofs can be insulated

Most people believe that flat roofs have no insulation, however, though having a slightly different type of insulation from conventional sloped roofs, flat roofs can be insulated, infect there are a wide array of methods in which flat roofs can be insulated

Got a better appreciation of flat roofs now? Be sure to consider it for your next construction and enjoy all these amazing qualities! Contact the experts today to get a FREE QUOTE on your flat roof!

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