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5 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of

The roof is often neglected when it comes to maintenance and upkeep when compared to other ‘parts’ of a household. Well, this is partly due to the fact that you have to look 'UP’ to see it, especially is this current world where most of the time is spent ‘looking down’ on small screens, and the greenness of your yard.

However, the roof is a major component of our houses which should not be ignored for long periods. Damages to the roof might result in you incurring large costs to repair it, or even spending a night in the cold if it s blown away by storms or other bad weather elements.

As the first, last, or only – depending on how you see it – form of protection over your head, roofs face a tremendous number of challenges that compromise their durability. This poses safety risks to your household and appliances. By the time most people notice a roof problem, it is most likely to be bigger than on the surface.

roof problem

Here are 5 common roof problems you must be aware of and how to deal with them. Some are easy to fix; others might need you to call in the roofing experts.

Faulty Installation

A poorly installed roof poses a great danger to your house and will cost you money when you are supposed to be at rest. A faulty roof invites more trouble, compromising the stability of the whole structure.

When you get a roofing job done, make sure you contact professionals. A properly installed roof will prevent moisture from entering into your roof. It will be plugged off leaving no holes that can allow water and moisture to seep into your roof.

Overreaching Trees

We know trees might be nice to have, they give shade and help keep a fresh feel around your house but if left unattended to they can be a menace to your roof. Overhanging branches damage tiles by wearing away the protective outer layer when they rub against the surface.

Dropped leaves, twigs also blog the gutter affecting your roof drainage. If left unattended to, branches might fall on your roof causing extensive damage. We suggest you trim all the branches that hang over your roof; if need be, you can remove the whole tree.

Lodging Animals

The last thing you want is to hear chatter and squeaking in your roof whilst trying to catch a good sleep. Small animals and vermin spreading rodents usually ‘lodge’ into roofs if left unattended or monitored. The presence of such animals and birds in your roof will compromise its which leads to problems in the future. Close all holes and make sure nothing accesses your roof – except you of course when inspecting it.

Stagnant water pooling

If you have a flat roof, make sure it does not have spots where water is pooling. Flat roofs must be at a gradient that allows precipitation or melt off water to runoff and drain away. Pools of water on your roof are conducive for the formation of mildew and mold which eats away some roofing materials, damaging it.Carry out frequent inspection of your roof to identify such points.

Broken roofing material

It is important to check if there is no missing shingle, tiles or if none is damaged or broken. Also remember that roofing material includes sealant, nails amongst others. Check if everything is in place. Pulled out nails leave holes where moisture can seep in.

Weather variations cause some materials to expand and shrink over time, so check for racks, loosening of such materials over time. Check the flashing if it is not cracked. Replace all the damaged parts to make sure your roof retains its structural integrity.

Winding Up

Maintenance is key above everything. A sound roof can last you for decades of years without major problems. Staying vigilant about these five common problems can easily ensure you’re your roof stays in tip-top condition except for those rare cases when Mother Nature brings about a super-vicious storm upon your home.

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