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Why Summer is the Best for Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

The roof is literally the first shield of protection from the harsh elements outside, from natural ones like weather and, of course, the agile home intruders! You must always take great care of your commercial flat roof by having regular maintenance, checks, and repairs. The last thing you want is a leaking roof or one that will buckle under the snow ruining your appliances and causing you many other problems.

Wondering when to tackle the leaking roof repair? In case you’re wondering, yes there is a right and a wrong time to fix roof issues! The right time, you guessed it, is during the summer. Before you protests, let’s take a quick look at some key reasons why it is best to have your flat roof repairs done in summer.

The lack of urgency

Almost every service provider tends to hike the prices and fees whenever the consumer is in a hurry, more commonly known as ‘rush fees’. Now, if you wait until the wind is howling you’re your bed, your urgency might attract these exorbitant prices.

Economical prices

Economical prices

Where there’s competition, there’s bound to be more pocket-friendly pricing from service providers. With most roofing companies opening up shop in summer, you have lots of options to choose from, hence service providers start pricing their flat roof repair services competitively. Be sure to compare several quotes from several providers before making your pick. However, remember to also consider other important factors such as professionalism and service range.

Less Heating Costs

Imagine having a whole roof section wide open in the dead of winter! You will definitely incur a significant heating bill during that whole repair duration trying to keep your home habitable. Summer roof repairs, on the other hand, will actually let in some welcome fresh breeze into the home, so no need to spend more on heating!

More favorable working days

Summer means sunnier days, which are useful to the contractor in getting your roof done in scheduled time. The higher temperatures are also ideal for most of the sealants used when roofing to quickly dry and strengthen your roof. To top it off, the sunny summer weather provides sufficient lighting for the roofers to do their work easily.

In contrast, the snowstorms during winter can delay your roof repairs for days while the roofers wait for the ice to thaw before resuming the work. Autumn might bring windy days which are not ideal when working on the rooftop, as they put the workers and equipment at risk of being blown away. What more, the work may expose your house to weather elements (roofers enjoy opening holes on your roof during repairs apparently) so you’d surely rather sleep with a cool breeze blowing in from the open hole on the roof than spend the night bowling rain-water outside!

commercial flat roofing

“Preparing for the storm”

An old proverb says ‘you must make hay whilst the sun is still shining’. That is the same as having your roof repaired during the summertime. Repairing your commercial flat roof in summer is preparing for the oncoming harsh winter conditions. By the time the harsher weather conditions set in, your roof is good to go and your housed contents are safe and snug!

Spotting problems

The best way to check your commercial flat roof’s defaults is by physically looking at it. It is easier to inspect your flat roof during the summer in the absence of rains and snow. You can also mark the areas you want to be repaired for further reference.

Procrastinating about roof repairs? You will regret it once the harsh weather sets in! Grab the first chance you can to do your commercial flat roof repairs and safeguard your property and peace of mind. Always opt for the seasoned roofing gurus like Wolfenburg Roofing for the best professional results. Their massive crew ensures the job is done efficiently to avoid disrupting your summer plans!

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