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COVID-19 How to Stay Safe

COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory virus caused by SARS and originating from the region of Wuhan, China. It originated in China but due to the extensive travelling back and forth from this country and the contagious nature of the virus; it has spread from China to nearly every part of the world; with some countries suffering the consequences worse than the others.

Stay Safe

Safety Precautions for COVID-19

COVID- 19 can affect people differently. In the majority of cases, it has presented itself as flu along with its symptoms. The real issue arising here is that the disease is very easily spreadable from one person to another and those with weak immune systems are susceptible to developing pneumonia or kidney failure which may prove fatal. In such a situation, prevention is better than treatment, so employing appropriate safety measures for the prevention of this disease is the need of the time. The most important measure to take for yourself

is social distancing and washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

For Homes

Health starts at home. Healthy individuals in a house-hold should exercise precaution if there are vulnerable people in the house i.e. people with underlying health conditions. If possible, ensure a separate protected space for the vulnerable. Clean the utensils and surfaces regularly such as disinfecting surfaces like handrails, tables, and doorknobs regularly. Try increasing the ventilation in your house if possible by adjusting the air conditioner and opening up windows. If there is a sick person inside the house minimize their contact with the entire family and have only one member care for them. That person should then take maximum precautions to protect themselves as well.

For Schools

Schools in many areas have started to close and remain as such until there is a cure developed or the situation can be controlled. For the areas, that still have their schools and colleges opened; the faculty and the students should practise good hygiene and maintain distance amongst each other. The method of greeting should not be physical at any cost; that is, refrain from handshakes. Clean hands regularly throughout the day even if you do not see a need for it. Disinfect the surfaces of tables, desks and chairs regularly.

For Workplaces

Those who can be working from home should do so to protect themselves from the virus since it spreads through close contact and a workplace will be putting people from different environments together. The meetings should be conducted through videoconferencing and the ones that require physical presence should be conducted in open spaces. The disinfection process should be the same for the workplace as it is for home and schools.

For commercial Establishments/Areas

Commercial establishments have an influx of customers from all lifestyles. The establishments are more prone to becoming contaminated due to this influx. The best way to prevent COVID-19 here is to avoid crowding. The crowd can be avoided by using booking and scheduling for the purpose of staggering the customer flow, using online transactions and limiting larger gatherings. Disinfecting here is also just as important.

These are the precautions that people can take to prevent the spread of this disease. Only through prevention, the spreading of coronavirus can decrease and the focus can shift towards finding a solution for it.

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