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How To Detect Moisture In Your Roof Before It Causes Damage

Detect Moisture In Roof Through Roofinf Contractors In Ottawa

In Canada, the weather ranges from sun to snow, and is never predictable. These different weather conditions can create moisture in your roof which can create further damage in the roofing system. Often when a leak occurs in a roof, it is easy to go unnoticed. The insulation in the roof can soak up the moisture before the water can get inside the interior. This creates moisture in a roof which in the long run can be more damaging. Some results of a damaged roof can be dripping water from vents, water stains on your ceiling and leaks of course. Leaks are the main result of having an excess of moisture in a roof, and this makes it easy to know that a roof repair or roof replacement is required. Although sometimes moisture in a roof causes blisters and bubbling in the roof system. This makes it difficult to know if your roof needs maintenance since it is only visible on the top of the roof. Therefore, it can be left unseen for a long period damaging the roof even more. If moisture is left for long periods, this can lead to concerns in the roof deck. Heavy weights caused by the water in the insulation can cause the roof deck to deteriorate. Not only that, but due to the weather in Canada, ice damming can be a problem in the winter which is damaging to the roof decking and the roof itself as well.

Now an important question is how can all this be prevented?

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The best option in the case of roof moisture prevention is to get annual roof inspections. Getting a professional roofing company to inspect your roof is very important. Thermography inspection document and detect moisture problems in a flat roof and can help prevent future issues. Getting the right roofing company to inspect your flat roof is important because without the right diagnostic, roofing issues can easily be looked over. The right inspections can identify if the insulation in the roof is dry or wet. This helps the decision whether a roof replacement or repair is needed. Detecting moisture in a roof is an important part in maintaining a roof and a company with the right maintenance program will have this competent included in their program.

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