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Why install a flat roof instead of slopped?

Why install a flat roof

When constructing a residential or commercial property, the roof is one of the most important structures. You can't just put a up any roof without considering your options. But for many people, a flat roof is the last thing they would think about when considering their roofing options. That is why it is important to highlight the benefits that they provide.

Flat roofs get a bad rep since many people believe the myth that they are expensive to maintain compared to their slopped counterparts. This is not a fault of flat roofs in and off themselves. The biggest problem is that when people are installing them, they don't get installed properly. And sometimes, it could be the result of poor roof design.

The good thing about flat roofs is that if they are properly installed and designed, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Flat Roof Installation Services In Ottawa

Less expensive than other roofing systems

When considering all your roofing options, you can't deny that price is a major factor. Luckily, flat roofs are relatively inexpensive compared to their pitched counterparts. This is because the materials used to construct flat roofs are cheap. This includes the rubber used to coat rubber roofs – which, fortunately, makes them cheap to redcoat when you need to rejuvenate a worn out flat roof.

More durable than other roofing systems

Installing any type of roof can be a costly process, which is why many people would not want to do it again anytime soon or in their lifetime for that matter. This means durability is a must, and, luckily, flat roofs can last. If they are properly designed, installed and maintained, flat roofs can last 30 years, which is a lifetime.

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Easier to access than other roofing systems

Performing an inspection is key to the longevity of roofing systems. To inspect the roof, one needs to climb up in order to do so. This is much easier to do with a flat roof compared to one that is sloped. And due to their flatness, they are way much safer to inspect. (this might be good to know if you plan on doing it yourself, but it is always a good idea to leave this task to the professionals, like Wolfenburg Flat Roof Ottawa).

Not only does it make them easier to inspect, it also makes them easier to clean.

Flat roofs can be used for other purposes

The flatness of flat roofs also gives you more surface area to work with than if it were slopped. You can install a number of things without them sticking out from the side, such as air conditioning units and solar panels. Furthermore, you can use the space to create a rooftop garden or outdoor entertainment area. There are just plenty of things that can be done on a flat roof.

Flat roofs come with their own unique set of benefits that can't be beat. All you need to do is get them properly designed and installed. That is where Wolfenburg Flat Roofing Ottawa comes in to handle all you flat roof installations, ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Give us a call on 613-800-9058 or email us at for a free, no-obligation quote.

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