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How insulating your flat roof can save you thousands on your heating bill - Ottawa

During the winter months, you can wrack up a high heat bill if your flat roof is not insulated. In case you didn’t know, an uninsulated roof is responsible for 30-35% of the heat loss in residential or commercial properties, making it one of the major sources of increased energy bills.

However, this does not mean you have to crank up the heaters and air conditioners just to keep warm. It is better to be proactive and do something about it before it starts getting chilly outside. Even though putting up effective heat insulation may cost you in the short-term, there is no denying the type of long-term benefits it will provide towards bringing the heat bill down.

Insulating flat roof

There are two types of insulation solutions for flat roofs:

  • Cold Insulation: This is the more cost-effective option and found in a number of residential properties. With this installation, the insulation material is placed in the middle of the ceiling joists. It is also relatively easy to install that you can practically do it yourself – although a professional is recommended to ensure proper insulation. However, cold insulation is only meant to keep the heat in.

  • Warm Insulation: Since cold insulation is designed to only prevent the heat from escaping, you run the risk of turning your property into a sauna when the weather gets hot. This is where warm insulation helps. It is installed under the roof and designed to prevent your property from getting too hot in the summer and too cold during the winter.

There are many benefits that come with flat roof insulation, but the following are the biggest ones that will save you thousands on your heating bill:

  • Traps Heat: When temperatures drop, it can become extremely uncomfortable inside. Naturally, this causes us to turn on our heaters or light up our fireplaces to offset the coldness and make it more comfortable inside. But with no installation, the heat just rises and escapes through the roof, which means we have to continually use these heating methods. Over the course of the winter, this can end up costing us more than we’d like.

  • Energy Saving: With insulation installed, it means we can give the heaters and air conditioners a break since they no longer have to work overtime to maintain room temperature. Since you aren’t using up a lot of energy, you are in a better position for long-term energy savings that wouldn’t be possible without insulation. This guarantees you will start seeing lower energy bills compared to past winters.

Ready to insulate your roof? Wolfenburg Flat Roofing Ottawa has the best insulating materials that will save you a bundle on your heating expenses. Give us a call on 613-800-90-58 or email us at We will be more than delighted to set up a meeting to discuss your insulation needs and available options. With us, there’s no need to fear your heating bill this winter.


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