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Shingle Roofing is commonly used for homes in residential roofing. The build of most homes require shingled roofs and it is the right choice for many home owners. Shingle Roofing has been the most common option for residential roofing for quite some time now. 




Shingle Roofing offers a variety of different types of shingles. From colour, size and brand, shingle roofing gives a builder many different options. Asphalt Shingles are the most common type of roofing material for residential roofing. They are the most cost-effective type of shingles and suit every budget type. 


Organic Shingles are made up of compressed paper waste and then saturated  in asphalt. Doing this allows the roof to become waterproof. These type of shingles are highly flexible however they do not last nearly as long as FiberGlass Shingles.


Fibreglass Shingles are made thinner and lighter and last up to 10-20 years when installed by a professional roofing company such as Wolfenburg Roofing.


Wolfenburg Roofing ensures that the installation of your shingled roof is done by trained and certified contractors. Our estimators are top of the line professionals that identify what is needed from a project and carefully explain the different options and the roofing process to our clients. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best options that fit their budgets. We believe that the job must be done right the first time. Not only do we want to install a roof that is cost-effective but we want to build a roof that lasts. We include a Workmanship and Manufacturer Warranty on all our project. 


Is your roof leaking? Building a new home? Time to replace your existing roof? Call the experts today to get a FREE quote on your roof. We ensure that the job will get done cost-effectively and efficiently. At Wolfenburg Roofing we have the solution that’s right for you! 613.800.9058

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